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About Eternity Hospital

Eternity Hospitalis one of the most creative of surgical specialities. It is an art practiced by most skilful of surgeons. As matter of fact the word ‘ plastic’ in plastic surgery has been derived from Ancient Greek word Plastikos’ which means to mould’ !. It constitutes an art of transformation by invisibly shaping your features and flaws to match the true vision of your beautiful self. With its two sub divisions , Aesthetic & reconstructive . The art and craft of plastic surgery Is all about restoration of form and function. Aesthetic surgery offers an endless array of options to improve appreance And function. Dr Arvind is an excellent choice of one of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

24 X 7 care We at ETERNITY care about you as our patient. Dr Arvind is available round the clock. To take care of out esteemed patient . The managing director Dr Rashmi jain make sure that each of our patient is getting best possible care . Regular training of technical staff to deliver their best .