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Correction of eyelid bags

  • Correction of eyelid bags ( blepheroplasty)
  • Puffiness around eyes is known as eye bags,
  • Puffiness, drooping upper lids or wrinkles around eye lids gives apperence of saddeness or tiredness . Correcting all these known as blepheroplasty. Procedure of Blepheroplasty .. can be done under local anaesthesia/ General anaesthesia , incision is made along the natural creases of eyelid. The bulging fat is removed or repositioned , excess tissue like skin , muscle is excised.
  • Smaller bags can be corrected with minimal procedure like fat graft or Collegen fillers. Down time 4 to 5 days.
Brows lift

this procedure is for repositioning of drooping eye brows, removing of forehead wrinkles. Procedure done by minimal incision by Endoscopic surgery so no scar mark.