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Doctor Rashmi Jain is like goddess for us. she worked tirelessly with us. day or night or even festivals, sometimes even in the late night 2 am.during pregnancy she was there whole night as the delivery was pre-term. I owe a big big thank you doctor for everything. from regular injection at home to every call you have answered.In my complete life time I have never seen doctor like Rashmi so humble, helpful

Vipin Sahu

Thank you very much! Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. Your hours you are available are wonderful. The Doctors, nurses & staff are professional and very thorough.”

Rishabh Gupta

Me and my wife consulted her since starting of pregnancy for complete 9 months. Hospital facility and most important consultation time given by doctor has no comparison. We are very satisfied with the birth of our first child under guidance of her.

Bhim Rupani

We are very happy to meet such doctor who explained our problem in a very simple manner and a very friendly way.She such a very good and very friendly doctor.


I had both my deliveries done by Rashmi mam. she is a great doctor. I recommend her to everyone. the staff and nurse of hospital is great too. trust me, with Rashmi mam being on side ; you never need to worry for yourself.


Overall experience is nice, Staffs are supportive. Adviced to visit once and try


Very Satisfactory and friendly response from doctor. Doctor Rashmi Jain explained every thing during and after my delivery like a family member. Gave us full satisfaction. thank you doctor.

Anita Sharma

Recommend the doctor : It was a great experience with doctorRashmi Jain. She is very friendly, helping, corporative . She gives good suggestion related to any problem.

Jiya Gupta

Very good supporting doctor as well as staff. Every body should go through eternity hospital

Shivam Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain provides answers that are very helpful. Thanks mam

Mandeep Kaur

Very good doctor, friendly , listns carefully to the problem, give solutions. I really recommend this doctor to everyone.


I am probably at loss of words to explain the greatness of Dr. Arvind, he is GOD-Like-Figure to me. I visited Fortis hospital in Noida on Nov 15th after I have beard an assault on me, resulting in multiple fractures on my face & several head injuries. From that moment, Dr. Arvind took care of me so well and he fixed all the fractures so nicely & precisely that its almost not visible anymore. I can’t explain the pain & trauma I was in before the treatment and can’t as well explain the joy after I see my recovery. A total of 9 hours of procedure to carry out 3 major surgeries on me, almost the complete right side of my face was reconstructed with plates. I sincerely think that no one could have done it better than Dr. Arvind. I feel he managed to carry such critical procedure with ease. Thank you, Dr. Arvind. Thank you, SIR and GOD bless, you.

Amar Jeet Singh

I visited Hospital in burned condition, Dr. Arvind Jain attended that case and he had done plastic surgery. His prompt response n caring behaviour is very friendly from day 1... I am so much happy with his prompt response on my queries on whatsapp also after my discharge.has saved my life on earth .... Thanku so so so much doctor...


Have visited him for the first time. He explained everything literally. Also the treatment was satisfactory. Can surely recommend him to one.

Swagat Patra

I am highly satisfied with that. I will definitely recommend the doctor to all.

Mannat Anand

This was my first appointment with Dr. Arvind Jain and I was overall very impressed with the Doctor. He is kind and co-operative. He has removed cyst that was on face perfectly, that was the wonderful job.

Uma Shankar

He is very experienced in his field and Friendly with patient. He guide and suggest as per actual requirement, and not to earn more money. Very helpful and caring like a family doctor.

Rajesh Kumar Gupta

I want to express my sincere appreciation for promptness and professional care given by Dr Arvind Jain at Eternity Hospital. He tackled my problem of wry neck (torticollis) incredibly by performing a successful surgery. I can see an exceptional change in my personality after undergoing this surgery.
Thank you Dr Arvind Jain for providing an excellent professional and courteous care and making impossible task possible!
You are a highly regarded asset!!

Manan Tyagi

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given by Dr.Arvind Jain at Eternity Hospital. He tackled my problem of wry neck(torticollis) incredibly by performing a successful surgery. Thank you Dr.Arvind Jain for providing an excellent, professional and courteous care and making an impossible task possible!!

Rishabh Sharma

I would like to say he is an excellent surgeon, he understands problem like a true friend and try to solve it like a family member, he is very friendly, would highly recommend him for any plastic surgery related aspects.

Chandini Mehta